Monday, 4 June 2007


Right, Finally got my hands on Versus (There was no way I was shelling out £16, so I waited), I'd heard good things about it. I couldn't remember what good things, but I had heard them. It's a Japanese zombie filck. I eagerly fired up the DVD player last night and settled down. Within seconds I thought "Damn, this is rubbish", and it got worse, and worse, and then it hit me: this is a B-Movie. A real honest-to-goodness B-movie, as all zombie flicks should be. It had it all, bad acting, bad effects, bad stunts (Wirestunts where they've made no attempt what so ever to hide the wires) added to cheap martial arts gumf. Think Romero meets Samo Law meets Thunderbirds.


Double Ace.

Where's the slow mo' button?

Zombies, Guns, Zombies with guns, Swords, Zombies with swords, Zombies with sword AND guns, shots lifted from Frank Miller comics and then repeated over and over, a man in too tight trousers, versus has it all.

******* ' ' ' 7/10 (sooo close to 8/10)

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